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Able appAble app
“Able may be a new name in a competitive sector, but it has picked up thousands of users in the space of just a few months.”
Evening Standard
“Best weight loss app to help you reach your goals”
Women's Health
“Digital wellness app Able is a health guru in your pocket, offering one-to-one coaching across nutrition, fitness and more”
“Hailed as the ‘Uber of the wellness world’, think of Able as your pocket health coach that can help you shift those stubborn pounds this summer”
“While just one real-life session with a nutritionist or a sleep coach would cost hundreds of dollars, advice from your virtual Able coach is unlimited.”
“As the world’s newest and only on-demand wellness platform with no calorie tracking, Able is also a great option for women wanting to lose weight and keep it off.”

The 360-degree personalized approach to weight care

Able provides a science-backed, comprehensive program that is focused on personalization, biology and lifestyle to achieve lasting weight goals and optimal metabolic health.
Rooted in research. For biology, not willpower.
One-size-fits-all diets are hard to stick to and 95% of them don't work
. Plus, dieting wreaks havoc on your weight over time.
1-on-1 video, audio and text coaching.
You’re 3X more likely to achieve your weight goals with a health coach
. Stay accountable with unlimited, personalized support and motivation.
Comprehensive approach.
We look at all factors for lasting weight care - sleep, hydration, nutrition, movement, stress, medication (coming soon) and emotional health, and build a personalized program just for you.
Guided by data.
Combine your unique data in the app with synced data from Apple Health or Google Fit to customize and adjust your program to your needs.

Tens of thousands already achieving their weight goals with Able

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Activate your program by meeting your coach, connecting any fitness data, and tailoring your program together.
Stay accountable
and crush your goals
Feel comfortable and confident in your body. Get fit for good and improve your overall health.

Able coaches are experts in weight care and well-being

Each coach has unique specializations, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll experience exceptional 1-on-1 support and guidance. And you have the flexibility to switch coaches at any time.
Certified Health Coach
Health coach
Disordered eating Therapist
Functional medicine
HAES coach

Lauren’s background is in the science of nutrition coupled with the psychology of food. She focuses on disordered eating, health at every size and functional medicine. She believes that health is an individual journey. She is an athlete herself and believes there is no such thing as a perfect diet.

Certified Health Coach
Oxygen Advantage Instructor
Certified Tiny Habits Coach
Precision Nutrition PN1

Tony is a big believer in tackling health issues from multiple dimensions; helping to improve breathing, sleep, nutrition and reducing stress while guiding his clients to understand how to successfully create sustainable habits that last.

Certified Health Coach
Functional Medicine
Natural Chef
Health Coach Expert

Kathy has worked in the Health and Fitness industry for over 25 years and is passionate about the benefits of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle on health, longevity and optimal performance. She specializes in nutrition, fitness, women's health (especially hormonal health and menopause).

Achieving health and weight goals in every corner of the globe

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The Able program is the safest and most effective way to improve metabolic health and achieve sustained weight loss. It's also 3X more effective than losing weight on your own.
Able app


Able app


Rated 4.7 / 5 by 15000+ Happy Customers
Science-backed, 360-degree program that is personalized to your biology and lifestyle.
Personalized program, supported by 1-on-1 coaching.
Continue developing healthy habits to keep the weight off after reaching your goal.
In-app progress tracker, audio and video calls, picture, text and voice messaging.
Feel comfortable and confident in your body.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Able not have a calorie counter?
Able takes a holistic approach, meaning we look at all factors that affect lasting weight care rather than focus on calorie counting. In able you can track your hydration and food journal and sync your Google Fit or Apple health data to share with your coach. Paying attention to the quality of the food you consume is more important than religiously counting calories.
How do I contact my coach?
All communications with your coach are done via the app. You can receive audio and video calls, as well as send and receive voice, picture and text messages
Are all Able health coaches certified and how do you find them?
All Able Health Coaches are certified from an accredited program and every coach is interviewed, approved and completes the Able onboarding program before working with our customers.

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