Stop dieting and adopt healthier lifestyle for good

Assisting people by providing the tools and knowledge needed to reach their weight goal.

Personalized approach to health and well-being

We use a holistic weight management approach. For each user goal be that weight loss, muscle gain or body tone up we provide a unique strategy to maximize the result and educate the user along the way.

1-1 Health Coaching

Access to on-demand virtual coaches who will help you explore your lifestyle and collaborate with you to find solutions that are applicable to you and your well-being.

Calorie budget

We make calculations based on your parameters and suggest the number of calories you should be eating to meet your weight goal.

Calorie counting

The world’s biggest data base of foods available, so that you can manage your calorie intake with ease.

Activity tracking

We combine nutrition and activity, so that your body benefits the most on your weight management journey.

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Amazing app!

I wish I would have found this app before getting another one. I feel like I have energy through the day and am able to keep up with my diet without feeling like I’m dead during the day.


Lost 25 kg with Able

Able is a great app if you starting on your weight loss journey. It’s easy to track your calories and it gives you the estimated total amount of calories you’ll need to consume to reach your goal. I’d recommend this app to everyone!


Better than other apps

This app is helpful. My virtual coach gave me solid guidance on how to eat, pointed out areas that could have potentially influenced my weight gain (it’s not only about food!). Super happy!

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