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Be your own boss, access new clients instantly and make an impact with one easy-to-use, yet comprehensive coaching platform.
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Unlock your new way to coach

You are the master of your craft and Able is here to help you do it with ease. Able will match you with clients in your area of expertise and give you the tech stack to work smarter, not harder, while you focus on what you’re great at.
Earn more, with no overhead
Work from wherever you are, whenever you like, and earn from every client.
Pipeline of clients
After onboarding and training, you can instantly access a new client pool.
Easy client communication
Make and receive in-app audio and video calls, voice, picture and text messages.
Track clients’ lifestyle and progress
Access notes, records, health and activity data in one private online space.

The best decision you’ll make today

Start in three easy steps.
Check if you’re eligible and apply
Fast online application, followed by an interview with the Talent Director to determine if you're the right fit.
Complete onboarding
and training for final approval
Get onboarded onto the Able platform and training program, then unlock the Able coaching playbook and toolkits.
Unlock your earning potential
Download the Able for Coaches app, meet your clients and start earning instantly.

The Able coaching community

At Able you will work alongside a global network of passionate and qualified health professionals who specialize in many areas of weight care, health, fitness, well-being and nutrition.
You are eligible to coach with Able if:
You are a certified health coach from an accredited program.
You have indemnity insurance (If not, we can help).
You are approved and complete the Able training and onboarding program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to become an Able Coach?
All Able coaches have a Coaching certification from an accredited program and relevant experience.
How do I apply?
Simply view our open coaching positions and apply directly through our website.
Where are Able Coaches based?
Currently we are recruiting Certified Coaches in the United States, across Europe and the UK.

A great coach can change a life,
a great platform will change the way you do it!

A great coach can change a life, a great platform will change the way you do it!

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