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Able’s team of certified coaches and clinicians empower clients to achieve lasting, positive results.
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Who do we search for?

Able coaches and clinicians hold certifications from national boards or accredited schools in their area of speciality. They are experienced professionals who have achieved positive client outcomes using an integrated, personalized approach.

Requirements for Health Coaches

Able health coaches hold a certification approved by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching and possess a passion for helping people achieve their goals through holistic lifestyle interventions.

Requirements for Personal Trainers

Able personal trainers are enthusiastic about body optimization and helping people reach their full potential. They hold certifications from organizations that focus on fitness training such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, International Sports Sciences Association and National Federation of Professional Trainers.

Requirements for Clinicians

Able clinicians hold a clean medical license. They are passionate about the practice of novel preventative medicine and wish to improve the lives of motivated individuals through a holistic approach that starts with medical weight loss.


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Fill out an application form with your contact info, certification and experience. We’ll review it to see if there’s a match.
Step 2
We’ll invite you for an async video interview on Hireflix, a platform where you can review our questions and record your answers at any time and from any location.
Step 3
Receive a link to download an app just for coaches and clinicians. There you’ll receive a guide and resources to start serving clients.

Our Coaching Director


As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Carolyn is passionate about helping people become their best selves. She leads a team of dedicated health professionals to develop and roll out health and wellness programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals. As a former elite athlete, Carolyn is committed to helping individuals of all backgrounds achieve their goals by taking a comprehensive and personalized approach.

Director of Coaching, Carolyn Nicholas

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What happens to my Clients if I go on vacation?

At Able all our Health Coaches may choose to have a flexible schedule that changes daily or weekly. In the event a Health Coach wants to take time off, we ask that they notify us if they will be away for more than one day. Coaches can then manage their own schedules in the “Able for Coaches'' app, which will share Coach availability with Clients.If a Health Coach is away for more than seven days, the Coaching department may choose to reassign the Coach’s Clients for this period and assign the Coach, new Clients, when they return. This change will be communicated to the Coach beforehand. In general, Able strives to avoid assigning Clients to a new Coach as much as possible.

Do Coaches have set work hours?

No, our Health Coaches do not have set work hours and can work according to their own schedules. We do ask all Coaches to set their availability in our “Able for Coaches” app and ask that they keep their availability updated to avoid canceling appointments at the last minute.

How often do I need to call and message Clients?

At Able we meet our Clients wherever they are in their Health journey. To make sure each of our Health Coaches can do this, we share a Minimum Engagement Policy during onboarding to help Coaches engage and retain Clients. Our Minimum Engagement Policy is regularly reviewed to help our Coaches meet the evolving needs and expectations of our Clients.

Do I need to share personal information with the Client or contact them outside of the app?

No, all coaching is done through the app, which allows Coaches to call, video call, and message Clients. Contacting Clients outside of the app or sharing personal contact information is not allowed. We take our Coaches’ and Clients’ privacy seriously and any sharing of private and confidential information can have serious repercussions including termination and legal action.

Can I work from anywhere?

Yes, Able Coaches can work from anywhere in the world. However, as Coaches are assigned Clients from specific time zones to match their home timezone, we ask that all Coaches notify us of any major change in their working timezone. If a Coach has a major timezone change for an extended period, the Coaching department will help the Coach set an adjusted schedule to accommodate their existing Clients. Where this is not possible, the coaching department will assign the Coach Clients who match their new timezone.

Do I have to follow a set Coaching program?

No. We choose our Coaches carefully to ensure each Coach we hire matches our idea of an ideal Health Coach. This is why we allow Coaches to follow their own style of Coaching, which allows our Clients to benefit from our Coaches’ many years of unique experience.We only ask that Coaches Coach in line with our philosophy and best practices to ensure every Client receives the best possible service and support.

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