Embrace Lasting Health Transformations: Shift from Resolutions to SMART Goals

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With the holiday season in full swing and the promise of a fresh year ahead, it's natural for those of us attuned to the rhythms of our bodies and minds to contemplate change. The tradition of New Year's resolutions is ingrained in our collective psyche as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Yet, despite our best intentions to improve our health and wellbeing, those resolutions often lose their luster faster than we'd like to admit.

But why do so many vows to eat cleaner, exercise more, or prioritize self-care fizzle out? As a functional medicine certified health coach, I see the same pattern year after year: resolutions are rich in intention but poor in planning. They tend to be broad wishes, not concrete commitments, offering little to no guidance on the 'how' or 'when' of achieving them.

The solution for a healthier and more holistic 2024? Setting SMART goals. SMART goals are the embodiment of Able's principles in action. They focus on Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely objectives, and are the key to real, sustainable health revolutions.

Let's compare: "I want to feel healthier this year" is a common resolution. It's a beautiful sentiment yet leaves too much undefined. Now imagine we reframe this as a SMART goal: "I will support my gut health by including prebiotic-rich foods in at least three meals per week, and I'll track my digestive wellness daily in a health journal." Suddenly, you have a clear strategy that's aligned with an emphasis on gut health as a cornerstone of overall wellbeing.

Adopting SMART goals means embracing a holistic view that sees the journey to health as a series of small, deliberate steps. This approach doesn't just create temporary change but fosters healthy habits that can last a lifetime. At Able, we encourage you to understand the interconnectedness of your lifestyle choices and your health outcomes.

With the arrival of the new year, we urge you to cast aside vague resolutions and, instead, map out detailed paths to wellness. By establishing SMART goals, you're not just setting targets but also embracing a perspective that advocates for a balanced, integrative approach to health. Take the leap from aspiration to action, and let's cultivate vibrant health and vitality, one SMART goal at a time.

Able incorporates the holistic approach to health by addressing the need for specific, actionable steps towards wellness. Widely recognized within the functional medicine community, the concept of SMART goals is utilized for its effectiveness in creating sustainable health habits, aligning with the holistic values of measurable progress and personalized health strategies. This content is designed to resonate with an audience seeking functional medicine wisdom coupled with practical, evidence-based advice for thriving in the new year. Able's health coaches can help you set SMART goals and turn your new year's resolutions into attainable lifestyle changes.


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