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Weight loss. It’s complicated, challenging, rewarding, and essential to our mental and physical health. 

Everyone’s weight loss journey is entirely different. Whether you’ve only just started your weight loss routine or are right in the middle of it, below you will find some helpful tips on how to accurately calculate your progress. 

Weight loss goals can be achieved in a variety of ways. Putting down unhealthy food, going to the gym or for a walk, and even getting a good night’s sleep are all victories for weight loss. Simply getting into a routine that involves a healthy diet is a huge step. 

For those of you who choose to keep track of your weight loss in terms of numbers, some resources can help. We believe weight loss percentage calculation should be a simple and effective way to record your progress, but sometimes it can be challenging, and you may not know where to start. 

When you’re starting on a huge journey like weight loss, it won’t always be easy. But trust us, it’s all worth it. Below you’ll find a guide on how to accurately and easily calculate your weight loss.

What Should I Know Before I Start?

As you begin your weight loss routine, there will likely be a lot of temptations surrounding you. The biggest one won’t be junk food; it may actually be your scale. 

We are all sometimes prone to impatience, and you might find yourself constantly checking your weight to see the progress you’ve made. 

This is very counterproductive, as weight loss takes time. You might start to get frustrated if you continue to check your weight often in the early stages. Before you really begin to hit your stride (which will happen after four to six weeks), take some time to plan everything out. 

A healthy diet is the most crucial part of a good weight loss routine. Your diet is the primary factor driving weight loss, so you should focus on enjoying healthy, balanced meals that nourish your body rather than filling your stomach with empty calories. 

There are a lot of facts and fiction floating around the internet, so make sure you can trust what you read, especially when it comes to weight loss. 

Like all long journeys, weight loss takes planning. Start with a very achievable goal, and slowly work your way up. Again, everyone will be different, so never get discouraged. 

Here are some great strategies to help calculate your weight loss: 

How Can I Accurately Calculate My Weight Loss? 

Again, hopping on the scale every day isn’t going to help you. The best way to keep track of weight loss is not simply recording a decrease in numbers but instead by calculating your weight loss by percentage.

The easiest way to find your weight loss percentage is actually very simple. Record your weight at the beginning of your routine and your weight after roughly four to six weeks or when you start getting visible results. Divide those two numbers (total weight lost and start weight) and multiply them by 100. 

To recap: your total weight loss divided by your starting weight and multiplied by x 100 (weight lost / start weight) x 100. 

Here is an example: you weigh 160 at the beginning of your weight loss journey. After six weeks, you begin to get visible results. You’ve lost 15 and currently weigh 145. You then plug these numbers into your calculator. 15/160 x 100 = 9.375. 

The final number is the percentage of weight you have lost throughout your routine. In the example above, you’ve lost a little over 9%! 

Instead of checking the scale every day, this is a much more accurate and meaningful way to chart your weight.

Why Should I Calculate My Weight Loss Percentage? 

We get it; percentages and decimals can lead to a lot of confusion. Why isn’t it easier to simply set a goal of a regular number and work your way down to that? Well, in a way, it is. 

Everyone is different. Calculating your weight loss percentage is another helpful tool to keep track of the progress you’re making. You don’t have to, but it is extremely helpful information about how your body works and sheds weight. 

Numbers also don’t tell the whole story. You could be making great progress on your weight loss program. You could get moving daily, cleanse, and diet, and sometimes not see results for a long time. 

Why? It just depends. That’s not our favorite answer, and you probably think so too. The reality is everyone’s body is different, and a weight loss program your friend does might not be as effective on you. That’s the unfortunate truth in the weight loss world. 

Luckily, there are so many ways you can easily plan your routine, record it, and start losing weight. 

What Are the Easiest Weight Loss Methods To Keep Track Of?

There are many simple, enjoyable activities that you can do that are easy to record. Below you will find our personal favorites and recommendations to help maintain your weight loss. 


This is by far one of the easiest and most basic ways to get moving and keep track of it. You can map out how far you’ve gone, how long you’ve been going, and calculate roughly how many calories you burned. 

Simple and effective are two words to describe cardio for weight loss. It’s unbelievably easy to record and will burn many calories if you do it often enough. Put some headphones in, jam out to your favorite tracks, or invite a friend or loved one with you to make the time fly by. 


Sleep actually has a ton to do with weight loss and is super easy to track. Its biggest function is to ensure you have enough energy to stick to your workout plan. After insufficient sleep, you may not feel energized or motivated to go to the gym, go for a run or walk, and even eat healthy. Not to mention, sleep deprivation can increase appetite and cravings throughout the day — not quite conducive to weight loss efforts.

When you are tracking your sleep, take note of what time you are going to bed and what time you wake up. With a good night’s sleep, the motivation and energy will come a lot easier. 

What Are Some Ways I Can Keep Track of My Weight Loss?

There are actually many ways you can record your progress on your weight loss journey. 

Able is an especially helpful tool for staying on top of your progress. Simply sign up, record your goals, and start feeling like a happier and healthier you. 

As we mentioned before, you can always go the traditional route of recording your total decrease in weight every time you step on the scale. While we highly recommend and encourage you to attempt to calculate the percentage of weight you have lost, there’s nothing wrong with trying to simplify the process. 

Able can help you with either method you end up picking while encouraging you to be your best self. There is no one correct way to make your goals, create a plan, and stick with it. Anyone can use Able to get started on their journeys with weight loss, muscle gain, or diet. 


If you choose to record your weight loss the traditional way, that’s okay! We still hope you give calculating your weight loss percentage a try, but always remember to do what works best for you. 

Having a handy app like Able can help you easily track all the components of your weight loss, such as nutrition. Explore Able here for weight loss

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