Rise and Thrive: Unlock Your Best Day with Our Health Coach's Morning Mastery Plan

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With a new year ahead, we all are striving to set ourselves up for the best one yet. But how do you do that and where do you start?

Let’s start with your morning. 

Establishing a consistent, health-focused morning strategy contributes significantly to overall wellbeing and productivity. Our head health coach, Carolyn, has meticulously crafted a morning routine that promotes both physical and mental balance. Here’s a breakdown of her daily routine and the science behind its benefits.

  • Wake at the same time every day: Consistency is key when it comes to waking up. Doing so at the same time each day helps set your body's internal clock, or circadian rhythm. This rhythm is responsible for various bodily functions, including sleep. Studies have shown that irregular sleep patterns can disrupt natural circadian rhythms, leading to poor sleep quality and various health issues.
  • Hydrate with filtered water and a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Lemon and Ginger tea: Starting the day with hydration is essential, as it helps replenish fluids lost overnight. Adding a pinch of Celtic sea salt to filtered water can provide the body with trace minerals and help maintain a balance of electrolytes. Alternatively, starting with lemon and ginger tea can kick start digestion, provide a vitamin C boost, and have anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • 5-minute meditation to set positive intentions for the day: Meditation has been widely recognized for its ability to reduce stress and improve mental clarity. A short session to set intentions can increase mindfulness and focus for the day ahead. Research indicates that regular meditation can lead to structural changes in the brain associated with enhanced mental performance and emotional regulation.
  • Breathwork - 30 deep breaths: Controlled breathing exercises enhance oxygen saturation in the blood, calm the nervous system, and can lead to an increased state of alertness and decreased feelings of anxiety. This type of breathwork can act as a reset for the body, preparing it for the day’s challenges. Here’s how to start: Find a comfortable seated position, rest your hands on your knees, and then take 30 deep, forceful breaths in with a relaxed exhale. Repeat for 30 breaths, and do 3 rounds. 
  • Finish your shower with a blast of cold water for 1-3 minutes: Rounding off a morning shower with cold water has numerous reported benefits. Cold exposure can stimulate the vascular system, tightening the blood vessels and reducing inflammation—a process known as vasoconstriction. This can lead to increased alertness and a significant boost in energy levels. Additionally, cold showers have been associated with the stimulation of brown adipose tissue, which can help in fat burning and improving metabolic rate. Some research also suggests that regular cold exposure can enhance the immune response, increase dopamine, and foster resilience to stress. If you're just beginning to experiment with cold exposure, it's wise to ease into it. Begin by directing 10 seconds of cold water onto your face and chest. Commit to this initial step for a minimum of four days. As you acclimate, gradually extend the duration. While it may sound daunting at first, many find the invigorating sensation of cold showers to be incredibly refreshing and often find themselves looking forward to this bracing start to the day!
  • Eat a protein-rich breakfast: Breakfast should consist of protein and fats such as eggs or steak with a side of avocado, berries, or steamed broccoli. Protein is especially important in the morning as it can lead to increased satiety, reduced hunger, and a lower likelihood of overeating later in the day. The inclusion of antioxidants from berries and nutrients from veg contributes to overall health and immunity.
  • Get outside for a 10-minute walk: Exposure to morning light can help reinforce your body’s circadian rhythm, and a short walk can help boost physical activity levels. Natural light, even on a cloudy day, is far more intense than most indoor lighting and can have a positive effect on mood and alertness. Additionally, a brief walk can increase circulation and accelerate metabolism. It’s a win-win! 

By incorporating these elements into your morning routine you can optimize your physical health, establish mental resilience, and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. It’s important to find what works for you and to be consistent with it.

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