The Power of Manifestation Boards: Find Inspiration for All of Your (Health) Goals

Reviewed by Carolyn Nicholas, FDNP Written by Our Editorial Team
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From a functional medicine perspective, the human body is interconnected – a complex tapestry where the mind, body, and spirit interact and affect our health and wellness. Our thought processes, attitudes, and beliefs don't merely exist in isolation; they play an influential role in our health as they produce biological responses that affect our physical wellbeing. This concept comes clearly into focus when exploring the principles of vision boards and manifestation.

Vision boards, for the uninitiated, are tools that aid in visualizing our goals, dreams, and aspirations. Essentially, they are collages of images or texts that represent the life you aim to create. This seemingly simple act of visualizing and creating a tangible image of our aspirations primarily has a psychological basis, but its significance extends into the functional medicine arena.

Manifestation, on the other hand, is the belief that we can bring our visions into our physical reality through positive thinking and belief. Often closely related to vision boards, manifestation encourages us to focus on our goals and invest emotional energy into them.

In functional medicine, an important principle is that of bio-individuality. Meaning, each person’s unique physiology, lifestyle, and emotional state can affect their wellness. Vision boards and manifestation work the same way. The goals and aspirations you choose, the images you select for your vision board, and the emotions these evoke are uniquely yours.

But how does this tie in with my health?

Firstly, the practice of creating a vision board or manifesting requires tranquility and deep introspection - a form of mindful living. Mindfulness practices have been shown to have positive effects on mental health and even inflammation levels, which can be the root of many chronic ailments.

Secondly, the optimism and positive thinking engaged in manifestation can be therapeutic. Negative emotions and chronic psychological stress can manifest physically, causing or worsening chronic diseases. On the flip side, cultivating positive emotions and optimism boosts the immune system, improves heart health, lowers blood pressure, and even slows aging.

Vision boards, when viewed regularly, can continually remind us of our goals and positive aspirations, thus creating an optimistic mindset and encouraging hormone balance and overall wellness from a holistic viewpoint.

In biofeedback mechanisms, our bodies react in response to our thoughts. So, visualizing our goals and desires can induce positive biochemical reactions that can lead to improved physical health.

Creating a vision board and practicing manifestation tactics also ties in with another core tenet of functional medicine: patient empowerment. Just as we all are working to reclaim control of our health, using vision boards and manifestation helps us take control of our destiny. It's all about setting goals, taking actionable steps, and maintaining a positive attitude toward change-- all of which aid in attaining a higher level of wellness.

While vision boards and manifestation might not cure chronic diseases or replace actual medical treatments, as an adjunctive tool, they offer a holistic wellness component.

In a nutshell, using vision boards and manifestation is not about replacing or sidestepping modern medical treatments, but about supplementing them. They embody the bridging between mind and body, a concept deeply rooted in the principles of holistic medicine. Embracing these tools may be your first step towards your journey of holistic transformation - manifesting not just better health, but a better, more fulfilled life.

How to Create Your Vision Board?

Creating a vision board for your goals requires a few simple steps.

- Start by brainstorming things you want to achieve or do.

- Once you have a concrete set of goals, gather materials: a board, magazines, printouts, scissors, and adhesive.

- Search through your magazines and printouts for images, phrases, or words that represent these goals.

- Cut them out and thoughtfully arrange them on your board. Once you're satisfied with your layout, firmly stick them down with adhesive.

- Place your vision board in a location where you'll see it every day to keep motivated and focused on your objectives.

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